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Health services in Kirkkonummi

The Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County takes care of the health of Kirkkonummi’s residents. In Finland, health services are divided into primary health care and specialised health care. Some services, such as hospitals offering specialised health care, are located in the neighbouring municipalities, but Kirkkonummi provides all services falling under primary health care.

Private medical centres also operate in Kirkkonummi and the neighbouring municipalities. Private health services cost more, but you are likely to receive an appointment considerably faster than at a health centre of the Wellbeing Services County.

If you work in Finland, you are entitled to health care provided by your employer.

General information on Finnish health services can be found here:

When you fall ill

Health centres

There are three health centres in the Kirkkonummi area:

  • Masala Health Centre (Puolukkamäki 12)
  • Veikkola Health Centre (Koskentie 3)
  • City of Kirkkonummi Wellbeing Centre (Jokiniityntie 2).

Your own health centre is the health centre closest to your home.

You can book an appointment from Monday to Friday from 8:00–15:30 by phoning 09 2968 3401. When you leave a call request to the number above, the health centre will call you back to the number that you called from.

You can also send a text message to the phone number for the hearing-impaired 050 413 7413. In the message, write your full name, personal identity code, reason for the appointment and the language in which you need interpreting services.

If necessary, you can also make an appointment through the patient office of the nearest health centre.

Urgent medical care

If you need urgent medical care, you can either come for an acute appointment at the Wellbeing Centre in the centre of Kirkkonummi from 8:00 to 20:00, or to Jorvi Hospital Emergency Clinic in Espoo from 20:00 to 8:00. Call the emergency number 116 117 before leaving for the Jorvi Emergency Clinic.

In life-threatening situations, call the emergency number 112.

Oral health care

You can find comprehensive information on oral health care services on the website of the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County:

Emergency dental care

Not all oral and dental problems require immediate treatment. Information on situations requiring urgent treatment can be found here:

Non-urgent dental care

Dental care for children under school age

Parents receive guidance in how to take care of young children’s teeth at the maternity and child health clinic. In addition, children under school age are have an oral health examination at the ages of 1, 3 and 5. Children are invited to the examination by letter. The treatment is free of charge.

Dental care for schoolchildren

Oral health examinations for schoolchildren are carried out in years 1, 5 and 8 of basic education, or more often, depending on individual needs. Schoolchildren receive an invitation to the check-ups by letter. Oral health care for children under the age of 18 is free of charge.

More information on dental care for adults can be found here:  

Pregnancy and children’s health

Maternity clinic

Maternity clinics monitor the well-being of the pregnant mother and the unborn child, and safeguard the normal course of pregnancy.

Child health clinics

Child health clinics monitor the health, growth and well-being of children under school age. You can also discuss issues related to education, sleeping, nutrition and other matters of interest or concern to parents at the child health clinic. Child health clinics support parents and take care of the child’s well-being.

School health care

School health care takes care of the growth and health of school-aged children. Each school has its own school nurse. In addition, the school physician meets each child at least three times during basic education.

Sexual health and birth control

Birth control and sexual health advice services provide assistance in matters related to contraception, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, menstrual disorders and sexuality, as well as information on sexual rights, sexual abuse, mistreatment and harassment.

Services for the elderly

The Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County offers numerous different services for older residents, such as rehabilitation, support for living at home, home care, housing services and social services.

All applications for services are handled through Senior Info.

Disability Services

People with disabilities have the right to receive various services and support measures that enable them to lead independent lives in their own unique way, despite restrictions caused by their illness or disability. For more information on services for people with disabilities, please contact the Disability Services’ customer service or visit the website of the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County’s Disability Services.

Information on services for immigrants with disabilities in different languages can be found here: Tukikeskus Hilma

Informal care

If you are providing long-term care for an elderly, sick or disabled family member living at home, you may be entitled to support for informal care. This means both a financial care allowance and various services that support informal care.

If you are wondering whether your care work meets the criteria for informal care, you can contact the services of the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County. If the person being cared for is under the age of 65, please contact the Disability Services customer service. If the person being cared for is over the age of 65, please contact the Senior Info 029 1512 270 or electronically:

Mental health services

If you have fears, feel anxious or depressed, or suffer from any other mental health problem, you can contact Mental Health Services.

Mental Health Services uses a callback system for which you can leave a callback request. The staff will call you back within three working days (029 151 2295). You can also visit the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Service Clinic in the Kirkkonummi Wellbeing Centre (Jokiniityntie 2, 02400 Kirkkonummi) without an appointment if it is difficult for you to use the telephone or the internet in Finnish. If you visit the Wellbeing Centre, you can use an interpreter.

You can find the contact details and opening hours of Mental Health Services here:

Outpatient mental health services provide guidance and advice. This way, you can get treatment and rehabilitation planned for your needs, should the need arise.

You can also seek help from online mental health services.

Substance abuse services

If you have problems with alcohol or drug use, infections, contagious diseases or withdrawal symptoms resulting from substance abuse, you can get help from the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

You can call the telephone number for advice and appointments (029 151 2295). There is a call-back system in place, and you can leave a message in it. The staff will call you back within three business days. In life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, you must not wait for a call back, but seek help from the health centre’s emergency clinic instead.

You can also come directly to the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Service Clinic in the Kirkkonummi Wellbeing Centre (Jokiniityntie 2, 02400 Kirkkonummi).



Some of the medicines sold at pharmacies are over-the-counter medicines, which means that they can be purchased without a prescription from a doctor. However, a large number of medicines require a prescription written by a physician.

If you already have a Finnish personal identity code, you can purchase your prescribed medicines at a pharmacy by showing your health insurance card or other ID card. For persons who do not have a Finnish personal identity code, the prescription is issued under their name and date of birth. You can collect your prescription medicines issued under your name and date of birth from a pharmacy only by using the barcode included in the patient instructions you have received from a physician.

Renewal of prescriptions

In Finland, some medicines require a doctor’s prescription. If the prescription has expired or has been used up but the medicine is still needed, you can ask your doctor to renew your prescription. This can be done either electronically by logging in to the service, by calling your health centre’s number for booking appointments, or by contacting a pharmacy for help. Most pharmacies charge a service fee for renewing prescriptions.

The prescriptions are renewed within 8 days.            


There are four pharmacies in the Kirkkonummi area:

  • Kirkkonummen 1. apteekki in the shopping centre Kirsikka (Saloviuksentie 3)
  • Kirkkonummen Uusi apteekki in the Prisma building (Munkinmäentie 29), Masala Pharmacy (Tinakuja 2) 
  • Veikkola Pharmacy (Eerikinkartanontie 2).

You can also purchase medicines from other pharmacies than the ones in Kirkkonummi.

Kanta service is the digital service for the social welfare and healthcare sector. It allows both clients and healthcare and social welfare workers to access health information.

If you already have a Finnish personal identity code, you can view your personal health information online at OmaKanta. You can also view laboratory results and renew prescriptions in OmaKanta.

You can log in to OmaKanta using your bank codes.

Patient rights

If you are dissatisfied with the care or treatment you have received in healthcare and social welfare services, you can contact the social welfare and patient ombudsman. Relatives and other loved ones of clients may also contact the social welfare and patient ombudsman.