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The ideas of the participatory budgeting

Voting has now ended, thank you to everyone who voted!

Below you will find the ideas that were part of the voting as well as the ideas that did not make it to the voting. The assessment team of the municipality has gone through the ideas and responded to them. The ideas have been assessed according to the assessment criteria for the participatory budgeting. You will find the criteria here (the link will open in a new window).

The title or the description of some ideas may have changed a little bit, and sets of similar ideas have been combined. All the ideas have been forwarded within the municipality, and they will, if possible, be taken into account in the development of the operations of the municipality.  

Please note that not all the ideas have been published. Some examples of reasons why:  

  • nothing tangible has been suggested in the idea  
  • the idea is intended as feedback 
  • people have been mentioned by name in the description of the idea 
  • the idea has been considered an ad. 

Ask about participatory budgeting

You can ask about or send feedback on the participatory budgeting via the form below. The link will open in a new window.

Refer to the number of the idea in your question if you have something to ask about a response to an idea. The ideas are numbered in the table.

Contact form of the participatory budgeting