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Leisure time in Kirkkonummi

Kirkkonummi’s magnificent and diverse nature, cultural life, associations and various municipal services offer numerous opportunities for enjoyable leisure time activities. The event calendar of the municipality of Kirkkonummi includes information on activities organised in different parts of Kirkkonummi for adults, children and young people alike. 

The Visit Kirkkonummi website also contains information on the places to visit, nature, culture, hobbies and services of Kirkkonummi.

Physical exercise in Kirkkonummi

The sports facilities of Kirkkonummi have been compiled on a map at You can find the services in Kirkkonummi by typing the word Kirkkonummi in the “Search” field.

Swimming pool

Kirkkonummi has a swimming pool (Gesterbyntie 41, 02400 Kirkkonummi). In addition to the pool area, the swimming pool has a gym, exercise facilities, a café, massage therapist and other services.

More information on the opening hours, admission fees, swimming instruction, exercise groups and events can be found here:


Masala Community Centre has a skate park.

Outdoor sports facilities

Kirkkonummi has three sports parks:

  • in the city centre (Vanha rantatie 8)
  • in Veikkola (Eerikinkartanontie 67)
  • in Masala (Masalantie 258).

In addition, the municipality has several fields for ball sports and outdoor exercise facilities, fitness stairs and two disc golf courses.

More information on the outdoor sports facilities can be found here:

A van named Senioripaku also tours around Kirkkonummi. It contains equipment and instructors that provide older people with opportunities for physical exercise close to home. Senioripaku’s timetables can be found on the municipality’s website.

Outdoor activities

In Finland, you are allowed to move about and spend time freely in nature. Read more about these Everyman’s rights on the InfoFinland website. You can also pick berries and mushrooms in the forest, but remember that some of them are very poisonous.

Kirkkonummi offers plenty of opportunities for exercising outdoors in nature:

Guided exercise

Kirkkonummi’s Youth and Sports Services organise guided exercise.

Kirkkonummi Adult Education Centre also offers various exercise classes and courses in outdoors exercise on a yearly basis.

Several different sports associations operate in the municipality. Find out more here:

Private sports services

Kirkkonummi has two private sports arenas: ice arena Varuboden Areena in the centre of Kirkkonummi, and sports centre Joo.areena in Masala

Kirkkonummi also has numerous private gyms, riding stables, golf courses, boat harbours, a paintball track and the Peuramaa Ski Centre.

Culture in Kirkkonummi


Kirkkonummi has three libraries:

  • Main Library, Library House Fyyri – Kirkkotori 1, 02400 Kirkkonummi
  • Masala Library – Puolukkamäki 7, 02430 Masala
  • Veikkola Library – Allastie 6, 02880 Veikkola.

Mobile Library Ella also tours around Kirkkonummi, and you can borrow and return books there. The stops and timetable of the mobile library can be found on the map.

You can borrow books, audio books, music, films and magazines from the library and use the library’s computers. The library staff helps you in information retrieval and use of digital devices. The library also contains many books in languages other than Finnish or Swedish. You can ask the staff for books written in your native language.

Libraries also organise a variety of art exhibitions, cultural events, advisory services and lectures. Library services are free of charge.


In the Masala Youth Theatre, professionals guide young theatre enthusiasts. The Youth Theatre offers young people an opportunity to act. Several theatre performances are available to the public every year.

Veikkola Manor Theatre is an amateur theatre for people of all ages interested in acting and music. It organises theatre performances in the summer at Navalantie 23, Veikkola.


Several choirs and orchestras operate in Kirkkonummi.

You can find information on the choirs, instrumental groups and individual instruction at the Adult Education Centre here:

The parish of Kirkkonummi also has several different choirs and musical instrument groups for singers and musicians of different ages.

Other choirs operating in Kirkkonummi:

Kirkkonummi also has an active Kirkkonummi Chamber Orchestra that perfoms regularly.


Kino Kirkkonummi is located in the centre of Kirkkonummi at Munkinmäentie 17.


You can find information on the museums in Kirkkonummi here:

You can also read stories about Kirkkonummi on the cultural and nature trails of the E-Museo website.

Hobbies for children and young people in Kirkkonummi

Youth facilities

Youth facilities are places where young people and children from year 3 in basic education to 17 years of age can spend time, free of charge. The youth facilities are open for young people on weekday evenings. Some of the youth facilities are also open on Saturdays.

There are three youth facilities in Kirkkonummi:

Recreational activities for children and young people

There are free activity groups for children and young people in Kirkkonummi. The MyHobby groups are intended for school-age children and young people, and the TALENT groups are intended for children who need special support in order to engage in hobbies. The groups provide instruction in art, music, cooking, emotional skills, exercise, photography and more. 

Harrastuspaku, a touring Hobby Van, brings different types of recreational equipment and opportunities closer to children and young people during holidays. 

Kirkkonummi Art School and Music Institution provide art education for children and young people. These institutions accept registrations in the spring, but it is also possible to join different music groups for 0 to 10-year-olds during the academic year.

Parishes also organise diverse activities for children and young people:

There are also five Scout Groups in Kirkkonummi. The Scouts teach useful skills and engage in outdoor activities together.

Other hobbies

Kirkkonummi Adult Education Centre offers many different recreational activities. Find out more here: 

Kirkkonummi has many cultural organisations,

and sports associations

Luckan runs a family café in Luckan’s own facilities. Luckan also organises various cultural events in different languages around Kirkkonummi. In the summer, Luckan organises a multilingual camp for children. More information can be found on the website

In Kirkkonummi, you can also participate in the activities offered by organisations such as the Martha Association, voluntary fire brigades, the Finnish Red Cross, the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, residents’ associations and youth clubs.

Information on leisure activities is available from Luckan in the Shopping Centre Kirsikka, Saloviuksentie 3.

Services provided by neighbouring municipalities

The extensive recreational and cultural services of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area are within easy reach. There are also many attractions and cultural activities worth exploring in Western Uusimaa.

The City of Helsinki’s Sports Services can be found on this map.

Information on Espoo’s Sports Services can be found here: