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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Jerikonmäki

We are faced with a big, big mission – climbing to the top of the mountain Jerikovuori.

We have prepared ourselves for the trip with climbing sticks and a rucksack full of food.

We see one, two, at least five hundred steps.

We have advanced fifty steps. What awaits us above?

When can we eat our packed meal? Do we still have a long way to go?

We have left the stairs behind us. We are sitting on a tree stump. We still have some food left.

Jerikonmäki offers jogging paths in the woods, and a stairway with 156 steps. The top of Jerikonmäki is +35 metres above sea level.

Parking: Upinniementie 18, 02480 Kirkkonummi (location on the map)

The Jerikonmäki stairs: 

  • 156 steps
  • There are outdoor fitness devices at the top of the stairs
  • The stairs are lit until 22:00
  • No winter maintenance

Jogging paths: 

  • There are in total 6,200 metres of jogging paths on Jerikonmäki
  • Ski track connecting Jerikonmäki to Peuramaa 2,000 metres
  • In winter, the ski tracks are lit until 21:30

Accessibility: The destination is not accessible for persons with mobility disabilities.

Availability of public transport: The closest bus stop is the Jerikonmäki stop (Ki0407/Ki0408)

Play a game

The heart is bouncing happily
Run a suitable distance very fast. Then feel the heartbeat in your neck. The heart is happy when it’s allowed to bounce. Watch the video.

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