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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Kasaberget hill

Today we are real adventurers. Into the forest leads a long, grey, action-packed road. Huff! Phew!

In the forest there are houses covered in graffiti. Their colourful spectrum leads us towards the wood at the top of the hill.

We found the lollypop house and the mouse house and the house with letters on it. Perhaps ghosts that eat lollypops live in the houses.

Climbing the hill takes good legs. We see trees, water and clouds. The water is wide.

The spectacular lookout spot at the top of the Kasaberget hill is a great place for a picnic. The area has a lot of history, such as the ammunition stores and the row of iron pivots in the rock that date back to the time when Porkkala was leased to the Soviet Union. The stores are now adorned with elaborate graffiti. The terrain is easy, and rocks and crevices await eager investigators.

Parking: The closest parking is Sepänkannaksen päiväkoti’s parking lot at Sepänrinteentie 2, 02480 Kirkkonummi (location on the map).

Route: The forest road leading to Kasaberget starts at Kipsitie. The distance from the parking place to Kipsitie is 2,2 kilometres. The forest road is approximately 350 metres long and along it there are several buildings painted with graffiti. The easiest route to the lookout spot at the top of Kasaberget is after the third building.

Terrain: The forest road is easy to walk along and the climb to the top of the hill is not steep. There is no clear path to the lookout spot, but the terrain is relatively easy.

Other: No place for fire

Accessibility: The destination is not completely accessible

Availability of public transport: The closest bus stop is the Strömsby stop (Ki0703/Ki0704) 700 metres away. You can reach the spot safely using the walking and cycling lane.

Play a game

Train station
First the adult pretends to be the train engine driver and calls “toot, toot – the train is leaving – all board!” The children line up after the engine and follow the engine until the train arrives at the station. Tasks at the station include several basic motor skills such as jumping station, balancing station, rolling station or running-in-place station. Keep doing one task until you hear the departure call. The children can also act as engine drivers and invent station tasks.

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