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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Linlo island

On the island there are small paths, winding paths and paths that are actually bridges. At the other side of the bridge is another island.

We choose the path into the high forest.

Our adventure patrol met a small baby snake. We stomped on the ground with our boots and the snake slithered away home.

We capture the Peppuniemi peninsula. A huge stone! We can make stones come alive. We make a slide. Wheeee!

The Linlo island is full of things to discover! Rocks to climb, stone beaches and many paths. And the best thing is that the paths are not marked. You can spend a whole day investigating the island, but you can also make many shorter visits. In the middle of the island there is a wonderful lookout spot. All the bridges are not marked on the Linlo map. It is worth investigating the island and going off the main path!

Parking: Linlontie 136, 02400 Kirkkonummi (location on the map)

Route: There are no marked routes on Linlo, but it is easy to walk around the island.

Terrain: Linlo’s paths are easy to walk on and the stone beaches are mostly low and rocky.

Campfire spots: There are several places for campfires and several cooking sheds on Linlo (map)

Accessibility: The main walking bridge to Linlo, the first campfire spot and cooking shed are accessible by wheelchair.

Availability of public transport: The closest bus stop is the Jeggarsintie stop (Ki0801/Ki0819) 1.5 kilometres away.

Play a game

Below are several criteria for comparison. Agree together on what thing or object to search for in nature or inside a construction. The thing you search for can be piece of nature, something for exercising or anything you can think of. When you have decided what to search for and all participants have found a thing or object that belong to the same category, we start comparing. Compare using different criteria depending on the object or thing, for example:

  • longer/shorter
  • thinner/fatter
  • lighter/heavier
  • higher/lower
  • harder/softer
  • louder/quieter
  •    a lot/a little

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