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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Meiko

The path goes up and down like a wave. We have conquered many hills. The squirrel has felled a tree.

We look under the clear surface of the water. We try to see our nose. A perch swims by.

We can bathe our toes from the rocky shore. A king has probably also done this. Or a king’s dog.

The shore of lake Meiko is a nature conservation area. It is said to be a pearl for good reason. Meiko’s three well-marked routes of different length invite adventurers into the peaceful nature. The varying terrain offers something for everyone. In addition to the routes Kuikankierros, Meikonkierros and Kotokierros, you can also take a shorter route of about one kilometre to a campfire spot where you can eat your packed meal.

Parking: Korsolammentie 44, 02400 Kirkkonummi (location on the map)

Route, terrain and campfire spots: Three well-marked walking trails of different length start at the Korsolampi parking lot (map)

  • Kuikankierros (3,2 km) is a trail in easy terrain near the shore of lake Meiko. There are two outhouses along the trail. The trail is marked with red diamonds.
  • Meikonkierros (8,3 km) goes all the way around lake Meiko. There is one campfire spot along the way. The trail is marked with yellow diamonds and the terrain varies from field edge to dirt road to steep rocks and duckboards across a bog. The views from the hilltops are splendid.
  • Kotokierros (4,4 km) goes around five small lakes with a cooking shed and camp site along the way. The lakes Korsolampi, Immerlampi, Kakarlampi, Kotolampi and Mustjärvi are located on the Dorgarn plateau.

Other things to note: There is a trash container at the parking lot

Accessibility: The destination is not accessible for persons with mobility disabilities.

Availability of public transport: The closest stop is the Myllykyläntie stop (Ki0448/Ki0449) approximately 3 kilometres away.

Play a game

Tree-hugging tag
One of the players is chosen to be the one who tries to catch the others. The others run away and try to get to safety by hugging a tree. When a player is caught, they change roles.

Tip: You can play the game in two different ways; along the way to your destination  without a limited area, or in a certain area where you decide on the boundaries for the game.

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