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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Veikkola Sports Park

Few places offer as many possibilities for sports as Veikkola Sports Park.

It has many areas, and lots of places to lose your tail.

Where we can jump, fly and spin.

Climb, race and swing.

Swish, that was a frisbee.

The many possibilities at Veikkola Sports Park invite adventurers to move every day of the year. In addition to traditional sports, you can also play disc golf and enjoy the calm of nature along the fitness track. The exercise venue is named after the parodic sports hero Elmo, who performed amazing feats on the competition fields of the 1970s.

Parking: Eerikinkartanontie 67, 02880 Kirkkonummi (location on the map)

Veikkola Sports Park:

  • Athletics field
  • Soccer field
  • Artificial grass field (Veikkolan Futiskenttä Oy)
  • Fitness tracks 2,000 m, 3,000 m, 5,000 m (lit until 21:30)
  • Ski tracks 2,000 m, 3,000 m, 5,000 m (lit until 21:30)
  • Velmo exercise venue, outdoor exercise devices
  • Skateboard area
  • Multi-purpose court (basketball, soccer, floorball)
  • Street basketball court
  • Street floorball court
  • Ice hockey rink / natural ice, lit

Play a game

Catch the tail
Each player has a tail. You can make the tail using for example a scarf, hat or glove. The tail is stuck loosely into your pocket or the waistline of your trousers. The idea is to catch the other’s tail. If there are many players, drop the tail on the ground. When the player notices that his/her tail is missing, he/she finds another tail on the ground.

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