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Education in Kirkkonummi

Early childhood education and care

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) is a right that applies to all children. It is much more than a place of care for the child while the parents are at work. In early childhood education and care, children learn the language and many skills, familiarise themselves with Finland and Finns and make new friends to play with. Early childhood education and care is important for the child, and its content is carefully designed to support the child’s development. You can get your child a place in early childhood education and care even if one or both of the parents are at home.

In Kirkkonummi, early childhood education and care is provided by municipal and private day-care centres and family day care. Early childhood education and care is subject to a fee, and the amount depends on the family’s income, the number of family members and the length of care days.

An ECEC plan is prepared for each child at the early childhood education and care centre together with the guardians, taking the child’s individual needs into account.

An application for a place in early childhood education and care has to be submitted no later than four months before the start of care. On the website of the municipality of Kirkkonummi, you can find instructions for applying for a place in early childhood education and care.

More information on early childhood education and care and the application process is available in the ECEC service guidance

Residents’ parks

If you are caring for a child at home, you can come to the residents’ park with your child to meet other families.  Residents’ parks organise guided activities for families, such as exercise, music and crafts. Participation in the residents’ park activities is free of charge.

Pre-primary education

In Finland, free pre-primary education is organised for children for one year before they start school. In pre-primary education, children learn many skills related to reading, calculating and studying. In pre-primary education, children also get to know their future school friends, which makes it much easier for them to start school. Children are obliged to start their pre-primary education in the August of the year in which they turn six.

Pre-primary education starts in August and lasts for four hours a day. In addition, children have access to early childhood education and care in the afternoons against a fee. You can register for pre-primary education using an electronic or paper application form for pre-primary education. More information on registering for pre-primary education can be found here:

Basic education

In Finland, children are subject to compulsory education starting from the year when they turn seven. Kirkkonummi has both Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking schools, which can be found on the municipality’s website:

Registering for the first class takes place in January. However, those relocating to the municipality can register for school all year round.

Kirkkonummi also offers teaching with an emphasis on languages, natural sciences, information technology, music or physical education.

Preparatory education

When children move to Finland from abroad and do not speak Finnish or Swedish, they first study in education that prepares them for basic education. In addition to language, preparatory education teaches children other skills needed in Finnish schools. The teaching usually lasts a year, but the pupil can move on to basic education even earlier if the teacher assesses that their skills are sufficient.

In order for the child to receive preparatory basic education, the guardians must register the child for education. The registration takes place using this form.

Teaching of native language and religion in basic education

It is important to appreciate your native language, culture and religion. For this reason, pupils are offered instruction in their native language and religion if a sufficient number of pupils register for the group. If there are not enough pupils to form a teaching group, the aim is to organise the teaching together with the neighbouring municipalities.

Find out more about native language teaching here:

Kirkkonummi also provides pupils with instruction in their own religion if at least three pupils have registered for instruction in the same religion. In addition to teaching Lutheran Christianity, Kirkkonummi has offered instruction in Orthodox and Catholic Christianity, Islam and secular ethics.

In order for the child to receive education in a religion other than the Lutheran faith, parents must notify the school of the matter in connection with the registration. At a later date, you can contact the principal of your school.

School transport

Pupils in basic education are entitled to free school transport if the distance to school is longer than 5 kilometres, the journey to school or a part of it is too dangerous or otherwise too difficult or laborious.

Basic education for adults

If you have not received basic education as a child in your home country, you can receive it in Finland, even if you are already an adult. The nearest teaching locations are in Espoo, Helsinki and Lohja:

General upper secondary school

Kirkkonummi has one Finnish-speaking and one Swedish-speaking general upper secondary school. General upper secondary education provides good general knowledge and skills and capabilities for further studies at universities and universities of applied sciences.

General upper secondary schools award study places on the basis of basic education certificates through the joint application process in spring. Those living in Kirkkonummi may also apply to general upper secondary schools in other municipalities.

Espoo and Helsinki have general upper secondary schools for adults, in which adults can complete the syllabus for both general upper secondary school and basic education.

Vocational education and training

Vocational education and training offers instruction in many different professions. Different vocational schools teach different professions. You can apply for studies in any vocational school, also in other municipalities, depending on what field you are interested in. The education offered in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is extensive, and most of the education programmes accept applications all year round.

Omnia offers instruction in Kirkkonummi. Information on courses offered at Omnia’s Kirkkonummi facility is available here:

Luksia also has an educational unit in Kirkkonummi. Luksia’s teaching facility in Kirkkonummi offers language-supported education for immigrants in several different subjects.

Education preparing for degrees TUVA

The TUVA education is intended for young people and adults who wish to prepare for upper secondary education (general upper secondary school or vocational education and training). In TUVA education, you can improve your basic education grades, familiarise yourself with the fields of vocational education and training or studies at general upper secondary school, or improve your Finnish or Swedish language skills.

In Kirkkonummi, TUVA education is provided by Luksia, where you can choose from three study paths depending on whether you want to aim for vocational studies, general upper secondary school or the world of work. The TUVA education for immigrants also includes studies in Finnish.

Other education in Kirkkonummi

Adult Education Centre

In the Kirkkonummi Adult Education Centre, you can take various courses in arts, handicrafts, music, information processing, physical exercise, cooking or languages. In addition to new skills, you can learn Finnish or Swedish on the courses offered by the Adult Education Centre, and meet new people at the same time.

Registration for courses in the Adult Education Centre begins in the summer. You can also register for the courses later, depending on availability. You can find out more about the courses and how to register for them here:

Art education for children

Instruction in visual arts for children and young people is available at the Kirkkonummi Art School and instruction in music at the Music Institute.  Registration for these institutions takes place in the spring, but it is also possible to enrol in different music groups for 0 to 10-year-olds during the academic year. The instruction is subject to a fee, but it is also possible to apply for free study places at the institutions on social and economic grounds.

Folk high schools and higher education institutions

Folk high schools around Finland offer one-year courses in a variety of subjects. The instruction is subject to a fee and students have a possibility to stay in the folk high school’s hall of residence. There are no folk high schools in Kirkkonummi, but there are many in Uusimaa. More information about the folk high schools and the courses they offer can be found here:

There are also several universities and universities of applied sciences in the Uusimaa region. Students are selected to the higher education institutions on the basis of certificates or entrance examinations. More information on further studies can be found here:

Where can I find help with educational matters?

Studying is beneficial for everyone who does not have a profession. Young people under the age of 18 and living in Finland are also subject to compulsory education. Information about study places and help with applying for them can be found in several places:

Employees of Ohjaamo and outreach youth work can support people under the age of 30 in planning their studies and applying for study places.

Life in Kirkkonummi offers general guidance and advice on education and employment at Luckan, Mon–Fri 9:00–16:00. Luckan is located in Shopping Centre Kirsikka at Saloviuksentie 3.

Omnia’s study counselling service InfoOmnia also serves Kirkkonummi residents both at its Espoo unit and remotely. InfoOmnia also offers career guidance, which provides assistance in the planning of studies and careers. Find out more about Omnia’s services here:

Luksia’s education counsellors provide individual help to adults who are interested in education. Contact them, if you are pondering on what to study, need help in the application process, or want information about studying in Luksia. The guidance is voluntary and free of charge. You can find the contact details of the education counsellors and the application services here:

Homework Help is assistance provided by volunteers to both children and adults in their studies. You can ask about Homework Help at the Swedish-speaking department of the Finnish Red Cross in Kirkkonummi. Pupils in lower secondary education can also receive help for their homework through a chat on the SOS Children’s Village website.