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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Högberget Cave

We are walking in the forest calmly. We can see a horse and rider. Horses don’t like loud noise .

We lie down. In the cave, we are worms inside a pear.

Where did we come from and how do we get back? The trees are like howling green heads.

We made it. What an adventure!

The Högberget water erosion cave is relatively accessible and really worth seeing. The terrain consists mainly of heath and rock. When you climb up the rock of Högberget, a terrific view opens before you. Coming down the rock towards the cave is steep. Please note that the cave is on privately owned land. Visiting the cave is allowed provided that the visitors use the marked route and respect the activities of the adjacent riding stables.

Parking: Porkkalantie 160, 02480 Kirkkonummi (location on the map). Private parking area (€5 fee, MobilePay)

Route: The route to the cave is well-marked with brown cave signs that start at the parking place. If you don’t see the next sign, you should return to the previous sign and look again. The route is only marked towards the cave. While going to the cave, you should remember to look for landmarks for going back.

Other things to note:

  • If you have lost your way, the parking place is best found with different map services such as Google Maps or Karttapaikka
  • No place for fire

Accessibility: The destination is not accessible for persons with mobility disabilities.

Availability of public transport: The closest bus stop is the Peuramaantie stop (Ki0606/Ki0607) 250 metres away. You walk along the side of the road from the bus stop to path leading to the cave.

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