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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Kaarniaispolku trail

We have arrived at our destination. The path in front of us looks like we can walk it. We can’t take the car.

We follow signs that look like candy through a troll forest. We are surrounded by funny-looking trees. A dinosaur’s face is growing from one tree.

SPLISH, SPLASH. SPLISH, SPLASH. One Adventurer’s foot slipped off the duckboards into the soggy swamp. Was it a rhizophagus beetle that grabbed hold of the foot?

We eat our packed meal on the cliffs. Our Adventurer’s foot is still saying splash.

The Kaarniaispolku trail (2.7 km) runs through a tunnel under Turunväylä to Nuuksio. The terrain of Kaarniaispolku is suitably varied; forest paths, dirt roads and a green path running past an old rubbish dump. There is much to investigate and see along the route, from fallen tree trunks to duckboards and cliffs. Kaarniaispolku is part of Nuuksio National Park.

Parking: At the end of Soidentaantie (location on the map)

Route: Kaarniaispolku is densely marked with posts marked with a pinecone.

Other things to note: 

  • The direction of the route is counterclockwise
  • There is no place for fire

Accessibility: The destination is not accessible for persons with mobility disabilities

Availability of public transport: The closest bus stop is Tuulensuunraitti (Ki1704/Ki1705)

Material pertaining to the destination: 

Play a game


One or more players go behind a tree or a rock to become an agent. The agent doesn’t need to be completely hidden, but he or she may peek from his or her hiding place. One player stays in the middle and turns slowly in a circle. The agent is supposed to always move to a new hiding place while the player in the middle doesn’t see him or her.

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