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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Kakarsberget

We choose the left path.

We listen to the bluster and the tinkle. The water makes a bubble bath. The trees are swimming.

In front of us, there are trees that have fallen on their own and gigantic rocks. We don’t have a ladder with us. We must find another way.

There is a big hole in the rock. We investigate it with a torch. It looks deep. A bear, or a fox, or a wolf, or a cat, or a dog, or a gigantic monster may come out of the hole. But we have been told that monsters don’t exist.

The rocks look like big elephants. A man is very tiny here.

Kakarsberget is a destination for a true adventurer! A clear path that very soon splits into two runs from the end of the parking area along the side of the forest. Along both paths, you can hear the brook’s rapids and look at the magnificent rock faces. The lower path is the better route for the smaller adventurers.

The high cliffs start right by the side of the brook, and the adventurer can follow the rapids as far as his or her interest and powers are sufficient. There are several clusters of high cliffs ahead. The main attraction of Kakarsberget is the largest cave. You will find it by following the path and using the map.

In addition to the caves and the brook, the forest at the top of the cliffs is an excellent destination for an excursion and very suitable even for the family’s smallest kids. There are splendid views from the top of the cliff, and the sound of the rapids can be heard in many spots.

Parking: Forsgårdintie 32, 02510 Kirkkonummi (location on the map).

Route: The route is not marked.

  • The upper path (to the right) winds up into the woods to the cliffs. White traces of magnesium left by climbers might occasionally be seen on the trees. At times, you must make choices whether to turn right or left along the path. You can use the Karttapaikka map to find your way. The distance from the top of the cliff to the cave is about 1.6 km. There are two piles of rocks as a sign for where to go down. The slope is steep.
  • The lower path (to the left) leads very quickly to the Kakarpuro brook. The terrain is full of roots and hilly at times. The path runs right by the brook, and you see the high cliff faces all the time on the other side of the path. During the wet seasons, the brook may flood and you must leave the path for higher ground.

Accessibility: The destination is not accessible for persons with mobility disabilities

Availability of public transport: The closest bus stop is two kilometres away from the parking lot. The closest stop is the Kauhalahti stop (Ki1420/Ki1421)

Play a game

The Kim Game

One of the players looks for 3–8 pieces of nature to place on a rock or on the path. The pieces may be of the same or a different kind. The players may look at the pieces of nature for a few tens of seconds. The players then go to look for pieces of nature of the same type. The players collect the same pieces of nature and in the same order without returning to see the model. Do you remember what pieces of nature they were, and in which order they were placed?

Tip: In another version, the player looks at the pieces of nature for a few tens of seconds and then turns his or her back. Meanwhile, another player takes away one piece of nature and says “ready”. Does the player remember which piece of nature was taken away?

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