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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Kirkkolaakson puisto park and the Central Sports Park

The area is vast and consists of different parts.

The swimming pool park is a mysterious place. We stay dry when we jump from the swings to the sand island.

Our feet rasp when we speed across the bridge to the area with white stripes.

There are climbing frames in the red desert. From the roof of the highest platform, using binoculars, you look out for bandits on the King’s Road.

👑 Kings and their couriers, bishops and townsmen, artists and armies have travelled the King’s Road since the 14th century. The road connected the western and eastern parts of the Swedish Empire. The generations of wanderers and their accessories have changed, sabres have disappeared and the post now travels mostly electronically.

Kirkkolaakson puisto and the central sports park form a vast outdoor recreation place near the centre of Kirkkonummi in an area that used to be the bottom of the sea. Jolkbynjoki flows lightly through the long park. The park is a safe environment for exercise, exploration, play and recreation.

Parking: Vanha Rantatie 8, 02400 Kirkkonummi (location on the map)

Vesitorninmäki exercise venue:

  • Floorball court, football field and basketball court
  • Panna arena
  • Multifunctional arena
  • Outdoor exercise devices
  • Exercise playground


  • Outdoor exercise devices
  • Playgrounds

Central Sports Park: 

  • Athletics field
  • Artificial grass field
  • Two grass fields
  • Taka-Wembley (“Rear Wembley”, a grass field for free use. No maintenance)
  • Streetball area
  • Skateboard area
  • Panna arena

Note! The dressing rooms of the Central Sports Park are only available to those who have reserved turns. There is no public toilet in the area.

In winter, the running track is covered with ice to make an ice skating track.

Accessibility: The destination is fully accessible in summertime.

Availability of public transport: The closest stop is the Kirkkotallintie stop (Ki0550/Ki0551/Ki0552)

Play a game

Who finishes first

We determine a target or a task together. We compete to see who finishes first. The target may be a visible thing such as a tree and the task may, for example, be 5 squat jumps. Ready, steady, go! Who finishes first?

Tip: Choose targets nearby and far away. Do you have the patience to move to targets using different methods of moving, such as running, walking backwards, side galloping or tiptoeing?

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