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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Kirkkonummi Disc Golf Course

A bright blue disc is put in your hand. Spin.

Whoosh! The disc flies high. Thud!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whooosch! Ching!

An 18-hole forest course was built in Vols, Kirkkonummi in 2011. There are tees for kids and novices, too. The course was built with voluntary work by the members of Kirkkonummen Disc Golf Club ry and local amateurs. You can go with the smallest kids in your family to play one or more holes and you don’t have to go around the whole course in one go. Disc golf is a nice and inexpensive hobby for the whole family.
Parking: Österbyntie 26, 02400 Kirkkonummi (location on the map)

Other things to note: Bring your own discs

Accessibility: The destination is not accessible for persons with mobility disabilities

Availability of public transport: The closest bus stop is Vols (Ki1613/Ki1614)

Play a game

Go! Stop!

Take turns pretending to be a traffic police officer who orders Go! and Stop! What happens if someone moves despite being ordered to stop?

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