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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Morsfjärden bird platform

Spotted: a deer, a dog, a hairy cow.

We get out of our car. The path leads us to watch birds.

We have an impenetrable jungle formed by sea grass ahead of us. We are ready for an adventure.

Spotted: A lizard hiding in the jungle, a butterfly on a flower, dragonflies in different colours, a bird platform.

There is much to marvel at on our way to Morsfjärden. Every summer near the parking place, there might be, for example, grazing highland cattle, Eastern Finncattle or sheep, and both lizards and dragonflies bask in the sun on duckboards. Be patient and careful on the duckboards. The bird platform is on a small island.

Parking: Medvastintie 491, 02420 Kirkkonummi (location on the map)

Route: The route to the bird platform is not marked. There is a clear path from the parking place to the forest near the beach. The terrain is accessible. Be careful when you walk on the duckboard section.

Accessibility:  The destination is not accessible for persons with mobility disabilities

Other things to note: Cows graze in Medvastö about 120 days a year. The cows are not always on the same pasture because of rotational grazing.

Play a game

Rock, tree, cloud
Each of you, in turn, gives instructions according to which the others move. Rock, tree or cloud. Watch the video.

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