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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Pähkinäpolku & Eerikinpolku trails


We move along looking for blue markers. There are tree nuts in the tree and earth nuts on the ground.

We found a tree that has a bottom and a belly button. This must be a new species. A “bottom tree”.

We left nuts in a hole for the rabbit. We saw a bunny’s whisker.

We crossed a big road. Ahead there are wooden stairs. Can you see the next blue marker?

We can smell horses. A house! Butterflies are playing tag among the purple clover.


Around us there are wooden houses of different sizes. They have seen a lot of life.

We make magic spells using the witches’ stone on the red path.

The path through the tree tunnel is leafy and round.

Pitter-patter. Droplets dance on the roof of the gazebo. Hot chocolate warms us from within.

Pähkinäpolku and Eerikinpolku are interesting spots for an excursion. Real hazel-nut trees grow along Pähkinäpolku, the terrain varies, and duckboards lead from the woods to the edge of the Kartanon ratsastajat stable’s pasture to see the horses. Along Eerikinpolku you can familiarise yourself with country estate life in the 1900s. Both trails are marked with numbered signposts. The signs along the trail contain information about the different things seen along the trail.

Parking: Eerikinkartanontie 164, 02880 Kirkkonummi (location on the map)

Route and terrain: Two well-marked trails start near the gardens at Eerikinkartano. To begin with, both trails follow the same path through the gardens and fields.

  • Pähkinäpolku (4,4 km) is marked with blue markers. The terrain varies but is easy for walking. There are two picnic tables along the trail.
  • Eerikinpolku (2 km) is marked with red markers. The route is partly accessible. The terrain varies from level dirt road to forest path and estate gardens.

Other things to note: 

  • No campfire site
  • The path is only meant for walking, not for mountain bikes or motor vehicles.
  • Each trail has its own information material (in finnish):

o   Pähkinäpolku

o   Eerikinpolku (in finnish) / Eriksstigen (på svenska)

Accessibility: Eerikinpolku is partly accessible. The route is accessible from the estate to the open-air dance floor (locations 1–9). Navalan kartano is also accessible using the road from the open-air dance floor, i.e., counterclockwise (locations 19–15).

Availability of public transport: The closest bus stop is the Eerikinkartano stop  (Ki1220/Ki1221)

Play a game

Find the same

Choose an object in nature and show it to your friend. Can your friend find another that is the same? Remember that you are not allowed to damage growing trees and plants. Exchange roles.

Tip: Small children can look for simple things such as a small stone, twig or leaf. Older children can look for more detailed things, such as a pine needle, a dewdrop or a certain kind of tree.

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