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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Ragvalds Museum Area

The pictures tell about life in the old times. We found the king’s lost cat.

We are tiptoeing along the path to the woods.  Now we must be alert so that we find the arrow.

There is space for play behind the foundation of the sauna. We’re playing astronauts, frogs, castle plays and banana tag.

In the yard of the big house, there are mysterious clumps. They are full of moss. We guess that a troll has decorated them.

👑 Manors, farms, inns, taverns and hostelries were built along the road. Theyaccommodated and entertained the wanderers of the King’s Road. One of the farms by the King’s Road is Ragvalds, which was mentioned for the first time in land registers of Gustav I of Sweden in 1540.

The Ragvalds Museum Farm is a traditional farm with yards along the route of the old King’s Road. In addition to basic exhibitions, you can explore the traditional landscape, the nature trail and the vegetable garden on the farm. The Kids’ Path is a nature path marked with wooden posts, and along the path, we explore the animals and the buildings of the old farm and observe nature. Behind the foundation of the old sauna, there is a fantastic forest, where you can stop to play or eat.

Parking: Överbyntie 140, 02400 Kirkkonummi (location on the map)
Route and terrain: Tha nature path is in the north of Överbyntie. Wooden posts in the terrain mark each spot. The terrain is accessible

Other things to note:

Accessibility: The destination is not accessible for persons with mobility disabilities

Availability of public transport: The closest stop is the Ravalsinkuja stop (Ki0433/Ki0434) 350 metres away

Play a game

What kind of animal am I?  

One of the players chooses an animal that he or she plays without sound. Another player tries to guess what kind of animal it is. Players exchange their roles.

Tip: Ponder along the trip where the animals you chose might live. What do they eat? What do they do in the daytime? What about nighttime?

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