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The Kirkkonummi Adventure – Saltfjärden Birdwatching Tower

We hear a mysterious sound. Kraw ka-ka krrroh koo-kroh koo kroh koo-kroh. Kra kra krraa krroo krrooo.

A friendly ornithologist told us that it’s the sound of a crane. During migration, the crane’s other end may be sleeping while its other end is flying. That kind of state is called hibernation flight.

With the ornithologist’s binoculars, small things look big. At least in the size of a sofa. We found a river in the middle of the field.

The Saltfjärden reserve is a valuable wetland where you can easily explore the nature using the birdwatching tower without disturbing the nature. Through binoculars, you can see many different species of birds from the tower. The area is one of the favourites of birdwatchers. In the area, you can also see grazing cows, kayaks paddling across the river Sperrings sund and deer eating in the fields. There is a small platform for the smaller guests.

Parking: Saltfjärdintie 150, 02480 Kirkkonummi (location on the map)

Route and terrain: There is a small but passable path from the parking area to the birdwatching tower

Other things to note:  

  • Take your own binoculars with you if possible
  • Please be considerate towards other users of the tower

Accessibility: The destination is not accessible for persons with mobility disabilities

Availability of public transport: The closest stop is the Eestinkylä stop (Ki0816/Ki0817) approximately 2 kilometres away.


Play a game

We make binoculars with our fingers. One player is chosen as a birdwatcher and stands at a distance of 10–12 metres away from the others. Each of the other players may choose what kind of bird they are. The game starts when the birdwatcher tries to watch birds through his or her binoculars and looks up, down, to the sides and behind. The birds are trying to get close to the watcher without the watcher seeing them. They are allowed to move when the watcher looks in the other direction and freeze when the watcher steers his or her binoculars towards the birds. If the watcher sees a bird move, the bird must take four steps backwards. We play until all the birds have come close to the watcher.

Tip: You can make “real” binoculars out of toilet rolls and adhesive tape. In the game, you can also spot bugs, imaginary characters or something else that’s interesting to the child.

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